The purpose of this project is to encourage families to not shy away from discussion and debate, drawing on informed perspectives for a better understanding of current events and culture in a collaborative, supportive and fun environment.

Have a listen at the kinds of debates Anne-France, Samantha and Daniel take part in, and we hope to inspire you to start similar conversations with your loved ones!

Me Anne-France Goldwater, mom, is an attorney and co-founder of one of Canada’s leading family law firms, Goldwater, Dubé. She is also a political commentator and TV host, playing the role of The Arbitrator (l’Arbitre) for a seventh season on Quebec television.

Dr. Samantha Goldwater-Adler, daughter, is a clinical psychologist and litigation consultant.

Me Daniel Goldwater, son, is an attorney with Goldwater, Dubé.

The Goldwaters is produced in Montréal, Canada with the support of Goldwater, Dubé.

The Goldwaters is produced by TNKR Media
(moderator/executive producer Dan Delmar, producer/researcher Robert Hiltz and technical director Marc Francis).
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