One of the more distressing things to emerge in our current political moment is the rise of white nationalism. Look around the United States, in particular, and you’ll find people no longer frightened or ashamed to say they want their country to be a white country.

So, for this episode of The Goldwaters, the family wanted to dig into the idea of white supremacy in this moment. Are they concerned about the rise of a white ethnostate? And what do they make of the sudden increase in people vocalizing their thoughts on the “JQ”—the “Jewish Question”?

Daniel Goldwater, for one, isn’t too worried.

“No, I don’t [feel panic],” he said. “When you talk about these topics, like when you talk about anti-semitism with Jews, they have a dog in the fight and people get a little alarmist. I guess as well they should.”

There’s plenty going on that is distressing, but there’s more to the story he said.

“While we could talk about how alarming it is to see white nationalists marching in Charlottesville or being active online, there’s the other reality that I still think has to be squared,” Daniel said. “Donald Trump is very close to Jewish Americans in many ways. For the first time there are Jewish grandchildren crawling around in the White House.”

In this episode they dig into the minds of the white supremacist, looking to explore what it is that brought many of these (mainly) men to this place. Drawing on Daniel’s studies in university of nationalism and, particularly, anti-semitism in modern history, the family is able to draw out what makes this particular moment feel important.

“It’s difficult to have a cool, level-headed conversation,” Daniel said of the topic. “It’s also good to have a sparring partner with my mom.”

Further Reading

  • Daniel Goldwater: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion Originally a satire of the liberalizing policies of Napoleon, the Protocols were forged and adapted to pillory and libel Jewish people. The document was first spread by the secret police in pre-revolutionary Imperial Russia, where they falsely claimed it was the plan for a secret Jewish takeover of the world. “It’s become one on the most popular texts on the planet in terms of anti-semitic literature. Why am I mentioning it? Because it’s just so influential,” Daniel said. “I think it gives a lot of insight into anti-semitic literature and anti-semitic ideology.” It’s focus on liberal ideas as those of outsiders helped lay the foundations for much the anti-semitic rhetoric of the 20th century.

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