Anne-France for Mayor of Montreal?

July 5, 2017

It started last year with a simple question from a journalist: Would you run for mayor?

She’s not there yet, but she’s getting close to a decision. Anne-France Goldwater has taken a short break from the podcast and other media to reflect on whether she wants to take on this city’s issues hands-on.

It’s a big decision, and one she’s not taking lightly. But as a lifelong Montrealer, the city is close to her heart, and what she’s seen of the city’s current leadership hasn’t impressed her. Goldwater, Dube is currently behind a legal challenge to Montreal’s ban of pit bull-type dogs, as discussed at length in the inaugural episode of The Goldwaters.

[TVA, Oct. 2016: Anne-France Goldwater songe à la mairie]

[CTV, Oct. 2016: Lawyer Anne-France Goldwater considering bid for Montreal mayor]

Stay tuned to The Goldwaters this summer to hear Anne-France reflect on Montreal and her political aspirations.

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PHOTO CREDIT: abdallahh/Flickr



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