5 reasons Anne-France is choosing Valérie for Mayor

October 20, 2017

Here in Montréal, we’re only a few weeks out from our municipal elections. This time around, Anne-France has decided to throw her support behind local councillor Valérie Plante of the Projet Montréal party to next lead the city.

She said she might be more conservative than Plante, but coming together behind the best candidate was what’s best for the people of Montréal.

“They would like to know that people of different political stripes can get together and set aside these political allegiances for the sake of making this city the best city in North America,” Anne-France said at a press conference announcing her support for Projet Montréal.

Here are five more reasons why Anne-France thinks Plante is the best choice to be the next mayor of Montréal:

Fiscal Responsibility: Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on the city’s 375th celebrations. “Is there anyone here who is rich enough to say we have $1 billion to spend?” she asked the gathered reporters. “[Current Mayor Denis] Coderre never saw a dollar of taxpayers that he was not ready to throw in the trash.”

Animal Rights: Anne-France has opposed the city’s anti-pit bull bylaw from the very start. Goldwater, Dubé is representing pit bull owners “pro bone-o.” Plante would scrap such a law if she becomes mayor. She would also phase out the city’s calèche (horse-drawn carriage) industry and would oppose events like August’s rodeo coming to town.

Infrastructure: In a city with crumbling streets and construction chaos, Anne-France thinks Plante has a plan to make things better. “Safer bike lanes and intersections, more green lanes and better coordination of construction projects,” she said.

Competence: Unimpressed with the current leadership, she said she sees something different in the Projet Montréal candidate. “A political career is for someone who wants to improve society. I’ve found that in Valérie Plante.”

It’s Time for a Woman to be Mayor: For its entire 375-year history, the city of Montréal has been led by men. “It is time for us to elect our first woman mayor.”


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