The family looks inward on this episode of The Goldwaters, discussing (and clashing on) the differences between spirituality and religion, morality, rationality, cults and their own attachment to Judaism.

Further reading:

  • Anne-France Goldwater: The Boomer Bible: A Testament for our Times by R.F. Laird, “more than just a parody of the Bible, it goes to beliefs and treats them with a certain irreverence…for instance, there are four gospels: Willie, Vinnie, Ned and Ira. That’s my kind of religious reading!”
  • Daniel Goldwater: The Passion, the controversial 2004 film by Mel Gibson, not so much for the controversy but for its cinematic qualities, and also “its theology, its expression of the foundational stories of our culture.”
  • Samantha Goldwater-Adler: Why You Don’t Need God, an opinion piece from by a former Seventh-day Adventist pastor who “experienced a crisis in his faith…and decided to do an experiment and try to live a year acting as if he didn’t believe in God.”

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On the next episode, coming May 30, the Goldwaters look outward: Are we living in a simulation? The surprisingly complex argument on how it’s theoretically possible our civilization was programmed!

Photo by Akash Malhotra, via Flickr.



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