Cannibis legalization is coming to Canada, and the Goldwaters have some questions. So, they invited Adam Greenblatt to visit the Goldwater Grille to get some answers. Greenblatt is the Head of Quebec Engagement for medicinal cannabis producer Tweed Inc., and brought his expertise to the podcast to sort through the thorny issues of legalizing pot. Together, Greenblatt and the Goldwaters cover a whole range of issues from why “marijuana” is pejorative, to the dangers of cannabis for teens and young adults.

Further reading:

• Anne-France Goldwater: A Framework for the Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada. The government’s baseline for legalizing cannabis, Anne-France thought the document expressed how seriously the government took studying the industry. “It shows the care and compassion with which our federal government—to which we contribute with our tax dollars—took this social issue,” she said.

• Daniel Goldwater: Can’t Wake Up (I’m A Blunt) This episode’s reading suggestion from Daniel is actually a hip hop track, by KRS One. “He imagines himself as being a blunt being smoked by all sorts of hip-hop heroes,” Daniel said. “It is very evocative, and it’s up-tempo, and it takes me back.”

• Adam Greenblatt: The Union: The Business Behind Getting High A Canadian documentary film that goes inside the Cannabis industry. “It’s very comprehensive look at the problems associated with cannabis prohibition,” he said. The film delves into the underground market to give viewers a sense of how the buying and selling of pot functions right now.



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