Ah, siblings. There’s no relationship that is likely to last as long, or be as strongly rooted as the one between a brother and a sister. Of course, there’s no relationship more associated with bickering and rivalry as that between siblings.

So on this episode, The Goldwaters decided to sit down and hash out what it means to be siblings. How does having one another make a brother and sister who they are today? Dr. Samantha Goldwater-Adler and her brother Daniel Goldwater talk about how their relationship has grown and shifted over the years. Anne-France brings her insight as their mom, and explains how she tried to bring them up to respect and cherish each other.

There might even be a tear or two.

“Daniel and I, we’ve had our ups and downs in our relationship over the years. But I do feel that it’s tied together by real love and, despite any minor spats over the years, a real mutual respect and consideration that I really try and instill in my girls,” Samantha said.

More than tackling their own relationship, The Goldwaters give some of their advice for parents raising siblings—and only children—ways they can help their kids grow up ready to face the world.

“It’s important if you have an only child, to expose them to enough other kids that they have to resolve conflicts between each other,” Samantha said. “If you don’t have as many kids around, to introduce as a parent your own wants and needs.”

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