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Episode 30 – Polls, Damned Polls, and Aggregators

It’s tough out there for a news consumer. If you consume any political news, you’re going to be inundated with news about polls — who’s up, who’s down, who’s going to win, and who’s going to lose. But how do you know what can you trust? To find out, Anne-France Goldwater and Samantha Goldwater-Adler invited Philippe J. Fournier to the podcast. When he’s not working as a physics professor at Cégep de Saint-Laurent in Montreal, he runs Quebec125.com where he aggregates political polls in Quebec and across the country for the Quebec magazine, L’Actualité. Read More
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Episode 29 – Millennials aren’t so bad

Millennials are the most entitled generation of young people the world has ever seen. They spend all their money of avocado toast and hand-crafted lattes. They live in their parents basements taking selfies and tweeting dank memes. They’re killing chain restaurants, and they demand immediate promotions at the office. At least, that’s how the stereotype goes. Read More
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Épisode 28 – Le hijab ostentatoire de Sondos Lamrhari

This week, The Goldwaters present a special episode in French. English text follows the French.
Pour beaucoup de Québécois, le débat sur le port de symboles religieux est un débat abstrait. Pour Sondos Lamrhari, c'est très réel.
Lamrhari est une cadette de la police au Collège Ahuntsic de Montréal. Elle porte aussi un hijab. Et si le Parti québécois ou la Coalition Avenir Québec obtient le pouvoir lors des prochaines élections, elle pourrait être contrainte de choisir entre son emploi de rêve pour un corps de police québécois et sa foi. Cependant, Lamrhari est déterminée à être la première officière de police de la province à porter le hijab et croit qu'il favorisera le rapprochement avec les communautés musulmanes. "Pour le moment, ça ressemble à ça. J'aimerais vraiment devenir policière au Québec. "
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Episode 27 – White Power and the JQ

One of the more distressing things to emerge in our current political moment is the rise of white nationalism. Look around the United States, in particular, and you’ll find people no longer frightened or ashamed to say they want their country to be a white country. So, for this episode of The Goldwaters, the family wanted to dig into the idea of white supremacy in this moment. Are they concerned about the rise of a white ethnostate? And what do they make of the sudden increase in people vocalizing their thoughts on the “JQ”—the “Jewish Question”? Read More
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Episode 26 – The Case for Marriage

Is marriage still worth it? That’s the question that’s on the minds of The Goldwaters this episode. Anne-France and Daniel Goldwater are both family lawyers, and Samantha Goldwater-Adler is a family therapist, so their experience extends beyond just the personal. One of the things Anne-France has seen through her practice isn’t just the worst part, when people’s marriage are falling apart, but she’s also seen the best of these relationships. When explaining why their marriages need to end, they tell the whole tale of their lives together, starting with the good times. It’s given her a broad perspective on the arc of many relationships. Read More

Épisode 25 – Valérie Plante, Mairesse de Montréal (FR/EN)

Cette semaine, The Goldwaters sera à l'Hôtel de ville de Montréal pour une séance bilingue avec la mairesse de Montréal, Valérie Plante, la première femme à occuper ce poste depuis les 375 ans d'histoire de la ville. This week brings The Goldwaters to Montréal City Hall for a special bilingual sit-down with Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante, the first woman to occupy the office in the city’s 375-year history. Scroll down for the English text. À l’occasion de cet entretien avec la mairesse Plante, Anne-France et Daniel Goldwater, Marie-Hélène Dubé, associée fondatrice de Goldwater, Dubé, se jsont joints à nous. Tous les quatre ont abordé toutes sortes de sujetsdes règlements sur les animaux à la vision de Plante pour l'avenir de Montréal. Read More
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Episode 24 – How to learn good

March is here, and in many places that means kids have just finished their break and are heading back to the classroom. Now that the last stretch of the school year is upon us, The Goldwaters thought they would take this opportunity to explore the world of education. Why do we send our kids to school, and what to we hope they achieve while they’re there? Anne-France, Samantha, and Daniel try and work through some of the philosophy of education. In this episode, they also dig into things like technology and some alternative learning methods. Read More
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Episode 23 – How to not hate your siblings

Ah, siblings. There’s no relationship that is likely to last as long, or be as strongly rooted as the one between a brother and a sister. Of course, there’s no relationship more associated with bickering and rivalry as that between siblings. So on this episode, The Goldwaters decided to sit down and hash out what it means to be siblings. How does having one another make a brother and sister who they are today? Dr. Samantha Goldwater-Adler and her brother Daniel Goldwater talk about how their relationship has grown and shifted over the years. Anne-France brings her insight as their mom, and explains how she tried to bring them up to respect and cherish each other. There might even be a tear or two. Read More
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Episode 22 – SEX PANIC

It wasn’t long after the #MeToo moment began that people started to wonder if North American society was in the midst of a sex panic. Values are shifting rapidly as we all deal with the reckoning that men can sometimes be horrible, even violent, toward women. But it’s hard to say what exactly this moment means. “It’s hard to determine the historical impact of a sea change in societal attitudes, when you’re standing in the middle of that sea change of societal attitudes,” Anne-France said. Read More
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