Is there such a thing as it being too early to quit drinking? For Jason Rockman, the age of 21 was just right.

On this episode of The Goldwaters, Dr. Samantha Goldwater-Adler is joined by Rockman to talk about his addiction and sobriety. Rockman is a radio host on Montreal’s CHOM-FM, a culture columnist nationally in Canada for CTV News, and the longtime frontman for the band Slaves on Dope. He’s also the spokesman for Heavy Montreal and Comiccon in both Montreal and Ottawa. But most important for the purposes of this episode, he hasn’t had a drink in 26 years.

In the course of the podcast, Rockman takes Samantha through how he’s navigated life in and out of the music industry and what insight he can bring from the other side of addiction. He talks about how he started drinking young, and was able to get past his reliance by bringing himself to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. He talks about some of the other “isms” in his life, and how they contributed to his drinking.

They also talk harm reduction, and what 12 step programs like AA can do for others looking to get sober.

Rockman knows he could just go about his business and keep his past to himself, but he is open about his struggles and wants to help others dealin with similar issues.

“I’m very transparent about my sobriety, I have nothing to hide. I know how Alcoholics Anonymous is an anonymous program, but at the same time if I remain too anonymous I can’t help anyone. I’m in a position where people know who I am and people know my brand, ” Rockman said.

It’s because of that, he said, he’s able to help a younger generation of musicians when they’re looking to get sober.

If he could offer one bit of advice for people who think they might have a substance abuse problem, it’s to acknowledge it and make an effort to fix it.

“If you really feel like you’re struggling, make that first effort to do something about it,” Rockman said. “If you’re at a point where you think that there might be a problem, there’s a good chance there is.”



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